Black Ops 2 Master Prestige Hack

I have found a glitch/exploit in the Black Ops 2 Servers and with that I have made a program. I have already let a few close friends use this and they have not been banned or reset. Everything looks very legit to Treyarch (The makers of Black Ops 2). So after a while my friends finally convinced me to release it to the public, so here it is! For everyone's enjoyment. :D

1. Download the program from the links below depending on your console.
2. Open the program once completed downloading.
3. Enter your Gamertag/Profile Name. (Case sensitive!)
4. Press the "Hack" button. (Important Note: Make sure you are signed out of your Xbox/PS3 profile before you do this step.)
5. Wait for the program to finish. It may take a minute.
7. After the wait you are free to login to your account and enjoy your newly hacked Master Prestige account! 

Xbox:  Download
PS3:  Download